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  • The Total Flow Generator:
    Converting Wasted Pressure Into
    Inexpensive, Zero-Emissions Power

    The revolutionary Total Flow Generator™ converts waste pressure from virtually any
    source – hydro, gas, biomass and more – into fuel-free green energy (100 kW to 5 MW)
    without expensive, inefficient heat exchangers or organic mediums.
    Learn more about TFG Technology
  • Green Energy Technology That
    Runs Circles Around Turbines

    A patented helical screw design delivers low-cost, low-maintenance power
    from natural gas, dry or wet steam, wastewater and geothermal fluids
    without the filtration required by steam turbines. TFG isentropic
    efficiencies typically exceed 60% and accommodate variations in flows and
    pressures that prove problematic with turbine technology. View TFG Advantages
  • Wind and Solar Field Footprint

    Total Flow Generator™ Footprint
    The Total Flow Generator has a surprisingly small footprint for the amount of
    power it generates. Our 1MW machine occupies approximately 180 square feet.
    Compare that to the 5 acres required by solar power installations, and the math
    gets real easy. Real fast. View TFG Advantages
  • A Remarkably Fast ROI.

    Economical green power? It’s here. The Total Flow Generator’s operating costs
    are expected to be lower than 1/4¢ per kilowatt. Installed capital costs are typically
    30-50% less than turbines, with subsidy-free CAPEX paybacks averaging 1-3 years.
    The economics of green energy are changing. For good. View TFG Cost Savings
Versatile, Durable Technology
Rattler Energy TFG twin-screw expander technology outperforms turbines by admitting impurities and contaminates directly into the machine, and by running at 1/10 the speed for improved life cycles. Yet it costs approximately 50% less than turbines.
Learn more about TFG advantages
The Total Flow Generator
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Enormous Cost Savings
Rattler Energy A 20-year life expectancy. Very Low Maintenance. An ROI that outshines solar and blows away wind solutions.
Discover a green energy solution that saves money and makes sense.
Discover cost effective green solutions
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