Management Team
Ricky Ruiz
Ricky Ruiz
Chief Executive Officer

Ricky has been fascinated with machines for most of his life. He started building and racing cars at the age of 15 and was setting records by the time he turned 21. During his racing career as the “Nevada Rattler” which continues to this day, he has won dozens of championships, including four Wallys, the NHRA’s most prestigious trophy. He owned and operated a successful automotive service center in Reno from 1975 to 1978 when he sold it to return to racing full-time.

Ricky and Richard Langson began building their relationship over the smell of nitromethene fumes on the racetrack in 1977. Since then, they have spent countless hours experimenting with engines, supercharger and fuel systems to build and race the fastest, most efficient cars possible. Ricky built and tuned the AA/Fuel altered (“The Texas Ranger”) that Richard set the world record with at the 1986 NHRA world finals. Richard also beat 18-time world champion Don “Big Daddy” Garlits to win the IHRA World Championship in 1993. And in 2000, Ricky rebuilt Richard’s world-record setting car, which they campaigned, along with the “Nevada Rattler,” throughout the United States through 2001.

Ricky started Rattler Energy Corporation in 2008 with his son Ryan and former business partner John Fleischmann. He now uses his deep knowledge and understanding of machinery to help businesses improve their energy efficiency through green solutions. In addition to being a distributor of Rattler Energy products, Ricky is helping with the research and design of one of the world’s most efficient energy generator systems.

Ricky and Ryan Ruiz were both thoroughly involved in the manufacture of the prototype for Langson Energy’s Total Flow Generator. They continue to work with Richard to fine-tune the machine and increase its efficiencies.

Ryan Ruiz
Ryan Ruiz

Ryan’s earliest days were filled with the roar of machinery. He started working on his father’s race car at the age of 8, learning the intricacies of building motors and fabricating frames. Through this experience, he learned the importance of tuning the car to the specific conditions of the track and weather. As importantly, he understood the importance of putting each member of the crew’s specific talents to work in specific areas.

In 2000, Ryan joined CommScope, a company that provides infrastructure solutions for wireless, business enterprise, residential broadband and carrier wireline networks. Using the skills he developed on the race track, he worked his way up to production manager very quickly. In that role, he was able to develop several systems that increased the company’s efficiency by 25 percent, and also to cut scrap from 4 percent to 2 percent.

It was while working in the manufacturing arena that Ryan realized that energy was one of the biggest costs and, until now, one of the least controllable. When he founded Rattler Energy with his father, Ricky Ruiz, it was with the idea that he could help businesses be much more energy efficient while also contributing to the overall health of the planet. While green energy is important for its own sake, he understands that solutions have to make economic sense as well, which is one of the reasons he’s so proud of the fact that Rattler Energy products have a 2 to 5 year ROI, compared to 10 to 20 years, which is more common in the renewable energy sector.

Ryan Ruiz
John Fleischmann
Sr. Vice President / GM

John gained his experience with converting steam to power generation while in the U.S. Navy in 1966, where he served as a boilerman aboard the Destroyer USS Uhlmann DD687. His responsibilities on board included running all phases of the boilers, including water levels and air and fuel registers.

After being honorably discharged, John entered the financial sector where he has enjoyed a successful career spanning three decades.. From 1991 to 1996, he partnered with Ricky Ruiz in Financial Concepts International, where their primary goal was to help their customers safely grow their retirement investments, while utilizing the most current tax strategies.

John maintains his financial services business, which currently encompasses more than 600 clients and more than $14 million under management.

He joined the Rattler Energy team in 2008, where he oversees the sales and operations of the company.

Ryan Ruiz
Joe Hansen
Vice President, Marketing

Joe signed on with Rattler Energy while spearheading his own creative agency, Hansen Creative, Inc. As President and Chief Creative Officer, he conceptualized distinctive advertising and marketing campaigns for high-end brands and companies ranging from Hyundai, MINI and Porsche to Hinckley Yachts, Tony Robbins, and more. His award-winning work stems from sound analytical business acumen combined with creative flair and a passion for achieving excellence.

Joe's professional career began at IBM, where he supporting the marketing launch of the IBM PC in the company’s Northern Nevada office during the early ‘80s. Joe shifted gears – and industries – by joining Porsche Cars North America in 1985, where he began as a systems analyst before rising through the ranks to become Marketing Communications Manager.

Joe expanded his horizons by serving on Porsche’s Worldwide Communication Council, spearheading the launch of, authoring strategic plans for branding the Boxster and 911 sports cars and directing multi-million dollar marketing projects. With the advent of the internet, he again pushed the technical envelope by putting Porsche at the forefront of broadcasting live race coverage over the web from locations like Le Mans in France and Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

In the mid '90s, Joe has turned the focus of his career towards collaborating with clients who share a passion for excellence and an appreciation for the power great brands and big ideas. As President and Chief Creative Officer of Hansen Creative, Inc., his fresh perspectives, sharp strategic focus and crisp, clean style are frequently enlisted by a national roster of image-conscious clients. Prior to joining Rattler Energy, Joe also served as publisher of the MAGGY-nominated RLife Magazine and Family Pulse Magazine.

A graduate of the University of Nevada and the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Reno program, Joe has served as President of the Advertising Association of Northern Nevada and currently sits on the Reno Ad Foundation board of directors. His creativity in advertising has been honored with multiple ADDY Awards, on the local and regional level.

Ryan Ruiz
Jackie Shelton
Vice President,
Public Affairs

Effective messaging is something that comes naturally to Jackie in its many platforms, and she’s spent the last 25 years honing her skills, experience and network. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Journalism School, she has worked in all facets of communications from running two advertising agencies (one of her own) to publishing two of the Northern Nevada region’s premiere publications, RLife and Family Pulse. Her marketing experience runs through the construction, medical, hotel-casino, retail and entertainment sectors.

While she has won many marketing awards from organizations as varied as the American Advertising Federation to the Western Fairs & Exposition Organization, her aim has always been focused on results. Working with clients from a national dental chain to a regional grocery store chain, she has crafted creative solutions designed to increase their profits and goodwill. She has worked with non-traditional clients with less traditional goals, like the region’s curbside recycling program/plant, where she hosted a formal sit-down luncheon for area dignitaries. She has also done work for the area landfill (yes, garbage can be fascinating) as well as the Nevada Manufacturers Association and the American Institute for Architects.

She currently serves as a marketing & communications manager for TrueBlue, Inc, a national, publicly-traded blue-collar staffing company. While overseeing the external and internal marketing for the company’s skilled trades and industrial division, she helps the company navigate the recession and target different sectors, including renewable energy, so that the company can continue to thrive and prosper.

She has served on the national board of the American Advertising Federation, as well as numerous local/regional non-profit and professional organizations. She was a founding board member of the Nevada Recycling Coalition.

She joined Rattler Energy in 2009, with the responsibility for overall marketing strategy as well as brand management.

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