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Nevada-based Rattler Energy, Inc. has positioned itself to become a sought-after solutions provider for converting waste pressure into green energy through the engineering, sale and installation of state-of-the-art Total Flow Generators (TFG) worldwide.

These mobile, scalable machines use a patented twin-screw expander technology to capture waste pressure from almost any source and transform it into fuel-free, emissions-free electricity on an industrial scale. The energy produced, coupled with the relatively low cost of TFG versus solar and wind solutions, delivers one of the quickest and largest ROIs in the renewable energy industry.

Rattler Energy has forged partnerships with recognized engineering, manufacturing and marketing leaders to secure a strategic stronghold in this expanding market. Currently, our company enjoys a close partnership with Langson Energy on the development, production, sale and installation of this revolutionary technology.

Ricky Ruiz (Founding Partner of Rattler Energy) and Richard Langson (inventor of the Total Flow Generator) began their partnership over the smell of nitromethane fumes on drag racing strips in 1977. The two spent countless hours experimenting with engines, superchargers and fuel systems to build racecars that routinely set records.

In addition to the dozens of drag racing championships he won as the “Nevada Rattler” (a name he still races under to this day), Ricky also built and tuned the AA/Fuel Altered dragster (“Texas Ranger”) that Richard drove to set a new world record at the 1986 National Hot Rod Association world finals. Richard also beat 18-time world champion Don “Big Daddy” Garlits to win the IHRA World Championship in 1993.

In 2001, Richard retired from racing to focus on his idea of modifying some of the same technology that powers dragsters to create energy out of waste heat. Ricky and Ryan Ruiz worked alongside Richard to help build and fine-tune Langson’s first invention, the ElectraTherm Green Machine – an innovation which garnered him the Geothermal Energy Association’s “Best In Show” in 2007, Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New Award in Green Tech” in 2008 and The Wall Street Journal “Technology Innovation Award” in 2009. In 2011, Langson expanded his technology on an industrial scale with the introduction of the Total Flow Generator.

Along with business partner John Fleischmann, Ricky and Ryan Ruiz formed Rattler Energy in 2008, naming it after the racing operation they’ve run as a father-and-son team for most of their lives. Now, after spending decades optimizing the motors and fuel efficiency of “not-so-green” racecars, they’ve come full circle by utilizing their deep knowledge and understanding of machinery to help businesses improve energy efficiency through innovative green solutions.

Low-grade waste pressure represents one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods for organizations to satisfy their demand for easily deployable, cost-saving green energy. Our company is in an ideal position to serve as a key solutions provider for these wide-open markets.
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Ricky Ruiz
Ricky Ruiz
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