Green Energy Solutions from Wasted Hydro Pressure
Green Energy Solutions
Green Energy From Wasted Natural Gas Pressure

Green Energy From Wasted Natural Gas Pressure
The installed capital cost of the Total Flow Generator is significantly less than competitive green energy solutions (subsidy-free CAPEX payback is typically 1-3 years). Our design modifies readily available off-the-shelf components to keep CAPEX requirements to a fraction of what is needed for a turbine installation. Lower capital costs allow any business or government agency to scale its investment and better match year-round flows and pressures. No longer is a producer tied to a massive turbine budget and installation necessary to support such an investment.

Natural Gas Power Output

Green Energy From Wasted Hydro Pressure

Green Energy From Wasted Hydro Pressure
The Total Flow Generator started as a geothermal generator, which makes it an ideal solutioin (with minor adjustments to the seals, pumps and controls) for in-line hydro power generation. Water and wastewater systems that operate within “pressure zones” have pressure-reducing valves (PRV) whenever the system crosses from a high-pressure zone to a low pressure zone. This pressure reduction is a waste pressure that the TFG can capture and use to generate electricity.

In addition, in many communities, the water system starts in a higher location where the water is captured and transported to a common point, usually a water treatment facility or a wastewater reuse facility. The common operation is to place a PRV at strategic locations and waste the pressure between the upper source location and place of use in the lower location. Again, the TFG can be used to capture this pressure and generate electricity.

Green Energy From Wasted Oil & Gas Geo-Pressure

Green Energy From Wasted Oil & Gas Geo-Pressure
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, stripper wells which have been pumped for 30 to 40 years with primary recovery methods have yielded, on average, only 20 percent of the original oil in place. The remaining 80 percent will remain in the ground forever unless a secondary oil recovery method is employed. Through utilization of innovative recovery technologies, it is possible to recover more than 50 percent of the oil remaining in place.

Our Total Flow Generator can be used by the oil and gas industry with secondary oil well recovery methods to convert residual pressure (usually between 700 psi to 1800 psi) into emissions-free power at each qualifying well.

Examples of renewable and wasted energy sources include:
Hydro and Geothermal Application Hydro and Geothermal
Hydro and Geothermal Application Natural Gas Pressure
Hydro and Geothermal Application Oil and Gas Geol-Pressure
Hydro and Geothermal Application Waste Steam
Hydro and Geothermal Application
Lower Capital Requirements
Lower Capital Requirements
Lower Operating Costs
Lower Operating Costs
Operating Efficiencies
Operating Efficiencies
No Filtration Required
No Filtration Required
Variable Pressure & Flow Rates
Variable Pressure & Flow Rates
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