Total Flow Generator Advantages

The relatively low cost of Total Flow Generator™ (TFG) twin-screw expander technology versus solar, wind and turbine solutions delivers one of the quickest and largest ROIs in the renewable energy industry.

The Total Flow Generator is a genuine game-changer that delivers lower capacity costs, higher efficiencies and lower operation and maintenance costs. This enables companies of all sizes to cost-effectively adopt renewable, emissions-free energy solutions.

  Installed costs
30-50% less than turbines (typically less than $2,000/kW)
Significantly lower capital costs than competitive green energy solutions Lowest cost of power in the industry (1.5¢/kW) Have significantly lower ongoing operating costs Operates at 1/10 the speed of turbines for longer service runs Proven off-the-shelf components require less maintenance and down time
  Can run without the need to filter impurities and contaminates Flexible enough to handle variable pressure & flow rates Runs 24/7 to produce reliable base load green energy Supports distributed power production Modular design supports parallel, expandable and redundant power generation Remote monitoring offers greater control
Lower Capital Requirements
Lower Capital Requirements
The installed capital cost of the Total Flow Generator is significantly less than competitive green energy solutions (subsidy-free CAPEX payback is typically 1-3 years). Our design modifies readily available off-the-shelf components to keep CAPEX requirements to a fraction of what is needed for a turbine installation. Lower capital costs allow any business or government agency to scale its investment and better match year-round flows and pressures. No longer is a producer tied to a massive turbine budget and installation necessary to support such an investment.
Lower Operating Costs
Lower Operating Costs
Total Flow Generator operating costs are estimated to be less than 1/4¢ per kilowatt, which is significantly lower than turbines. In fact, the only required routine maintenance is a bearing inspection and replacement for every 50,000 hours of operation. We’ve eliminate the maintenance costs of the oiling system, and our energy conversion engine will run trouble-free for countless hours, providing extremely low maintenance and operational costs and with significant advantages in durability and for handling contaminants.
Operating Efficiencies
Operating Efficiencies
Helical screw technology has a proven track record spanning millions of hours of operation at tens of thousands of installations worldwide. The Total Flow Generator runs at 1/10 the speed of turbines for longer service runs and was designed without the need for heat exchangers or organic mediums to transfer energy. The result? Operating efficiencies in excess of 60 percent have routinely been achieved.
No Filtration Required
No Filtration Required
Turbines are traditionally very susceptible to contamination due to their high speeds and low tolerances. The TFG does not suffer from these limitations – its patented internal coating to its power-generating screws can handle a broader range of gases and fluids with contaminants that would damage a turbine in many situations.
Lower Capital Requirements
Variable Pressure & Flow Rates
The Total Flow Generator has the ability to handle fluctuations in temperature, flow and pressure with no adverse effects on the equipment. Although power production efficiency is directly tied to pressure and flows, the TFG easily handles fluctuations with no adverse impact.
Base Load Green Power
Base Load Green Power
One of the challenges facing the expansion of green energy production is the number of methods providing intermittent power production and the need of utilities to maintain adequate base load capabilities. Our Total Flow Generator operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, generating green power capable of fulfilling green energy mandates while increasing base load production capabilities.
Distributed Power
Distributed Power
An additional key advantage to the Total Flow Generator is the ability to enhance the grid with distributed power production for those producers who see the advantage of less centralized power production and a more distributed model. No longer is capital investment the driving force of designing your production.
Redundancy Capability
Redundancy Capability
Lower capital investment and the Total Flow Generator’s modular and compact design allow for the ability to create parallel, expandable and redundant power generation capabilities on a distributed basis. On those sites with sufficient flows and pressures to warrant multiple units, multiple units could be deployed for power outputs up to 50 MW and beyond.
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
Many pipeline operators wish they had more visibility and control over various stages of their operations. The Total Flow Generator’s remote monitoring and control capability gives operators improved visibility concerning the status of their operations, along with a better ability to control pressures and flows. All units feature SCADA-capable monitoring and control systems.
Operating Cost Comparison
Operating Cost Comparison TFG and Turbines
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