Total Flow Generator Technology

The relatively low cost of Total Flow Generator™ (TFG) twin-screw expander technology versus solar, wind and turbine solutions delivers one of the quickest and largest ROIs in the renewable energy industry.

The Total Flow Generator is a genuine game-changer that delivers lower capacity costs, higher efficiencies and lower operation and maintenance costs. This enables companies of all sizes to cost-effectively adopt renewable, emissions-free energy solutions.

The Trouble With Turbines
Turbines are well known throughout the power production industry.  They are rotary engines that extract energy from a fluid flow of gas, steam or combustion (e.g. jet engines). They efficiently use the energy in the fluid and are widely utilized for power production. But turbines have inherent economic challenges when trying to expand their utilization for converting waste energy to power in applications such as natural gas pressure reduction.

Pipeline personnel and developers that have tried to promote this market have identified a number of key hurdles with the application of turbines or turbo expanders to pipelines. A variety of site-specific factors effect project economics, the most important of which are the high capital cost of the turbine systems themselves, along with the recoverable value of the electricity generated.

A Better Alternative
To ensure the installed capital cost of the Total Flow Generator is significantly less than competitive green energy solutions, our engineers modified readily available off-the-shelf components to keep costs at a fraction of what is needed for turbine installations. 

The Total Flow Generator’s helical screw technology has a proven track record spanning millions of hours of operation at tens of thousands of installations worldwide. It runs at 1/10 the speed of turbines for longer service runs and was designed without the need for heat exchangers or organic mediums to transfer energy. As a result, operating efficiencies in excess of 60% have routinely been achieved.

Other key variables include the gas flow rate and pressure drop, which determine the power generation potential and the hourly/daily/seasonal variability in flow. Unlike turbines, the Total Flow Generator can handle fluctuations in temperature, flow and pressure with no adverse effects on the equipment. Although power production efficiency is directly tied to pressure and flows, the TFG easily handles fluctuations with no adverse impact.

Reliable, Robust And Flexible
One of the challenges facing the expansion of green energy production is the number of methods that only provide intermittent power production that falls short of the base loads required by utilities. Our Total Flow Generator operates 24/7, generating a consistent and reliable level of green energy to meet these mandates while increasing base load production capabilities.

TFG technology is unique in that it will directly accept many renewable or waste streams that require pre-processing filtration by most other power generation equipment. For example, steam turbines require 100% dry steam to generate power. The TFG features a patented internal coating that allows it to directly accept and process dry steam, wet steam, wastewater, geothermal fluids, natural gas and many other sources of pressure to make power.

The TFG is skid mounted and modular for ease of transportation, installation and maintenance. Automated controls and remote monitoring are standard, and can easily be incorporated into an installation’s current monitoring and control on-board dialogistic systems.

Examples of renewable and wasted energy sources include:
Hydro and Geothermal Application Hydro and Geothermal
Hydro and Geothermal Application Natural Gas Pressure
Hydro and Geothermal Application Oil and Gas Geo-Pressure
Hydro and Geothermal Application Waste Steam
Hydro and Geothermal Application
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The Trouble With Turbines
A Better Alternative
Reliable, Robust And Flexible
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