Rattler Renewable Energy’s manufacturing partner, Langson Energy, has developed a rugged, two-stage, rotary expander that can operate on low to medium-pressure steam, including saturated or wet steam that may be contaminated with impurities which would erode conventional metal turbine blades. The Total Flow Generator (TFG) provides 1 to 50MW of power from direct steam, and is able to run efficiently over a wide range of power loads at half the cost of a conventional steam turbine. The TFG is skid mounted and modular for ease of transportation and installation. Automated controls and remote monitoring are standard.

Compared to conventional steam turbines, Rattler Renewable Energy’s Total Flow Generators:

  • Have significantly lower operating costs
  • Are more robust (will run impurities and contaminates)
  • Will run on wet steam, no need for a cyclone separators
  • Run at 1/10th the speed of turbines

Applications include:

Natural Gas Pressure, Geothermal, Oil and Gas Geo-Pressure, Waste Steam

Total Flow Generators use a patent-pending technology which produces electricity with zero emissions with a ROI of 1 to 3 years. They offer the following advantages:

  • With much lower Opex than any other form of power generation
  • Generates 1-100 MW of power for ¼ to ½ cent per kW after CAPEX
  • Patent-pending helical screw technology
  • Runs at 1/10th the speed of turbines
  • Operates with low- to medium pressure steam